FAITH Resources

  • Income and Affordable Housing: A resource sheet with information on the Housing Wage, comparisons of different government subsidies, and information on subsidized housing definitions.
  • Who Are The Homeless in King County?: A resource sheet looking at the results of the 2012 One Night Count in King County, including demographic information on people accessing shelter and transitional housing resources.

Publications from Other Organizations

  • Committee to End Homelessness – Ten Year Plan
  • National Housing Trust Fund Fact Sheet: The National Low Income Housing Coalition has produced a fact sheet on the National Housing Trust Fund – who it will benefit, how it can be used, and how states can get funding. Click to find out more about this important program, then take action to urge Congress to provide funding!
  • Federal Rental Assistance in Washington: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has produced fact sheets on federal rental assistance for each state. Click to find out about the unmet need for federal rental assistance in the state of Washington.
  • Advocates’ Guide to Housing & Community Development Policy: The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2011 Advocates’ Guide to Housing and Community Development Policy is intended to provide advocates, policymakers, students, and others with information on the most relevant housing and housing-related programs and issues at the federal level, as well as information related to the community planning process.
  • Congressional District Profiles for Washington State: The National Low Income Housing Coalition released updated Congressional District Profiles on March 21. The profiles, updated to include newly available data, provide advocates with a snapshot of the housing needs in each congressional district and state. More information on what this data shows us is available here.
  • State of Homelessness in America 2012: This report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness examines economic indicators and demographic drivers of homelessness, including a variety of risk-factors and “analyzes the effect the recession has had on homelessness and how it has contributed to an increased risk of homelessness for many Americans.”
  • Without Housing – 2010: This report by the Western Regional Advocacy Project “is an update of Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness and Policy Failures. While much has changed since 2006, the fundamental message remains the same: ending mass homelessness in the United States will require a serious recommitment by the federal government to create, subsidize and maintain truly affordable housing.”