FAITH (Faithful Action In Transforming Homelessness) is a faith based program created to end homelessness in Washington State.

We believe that there can be an end to homelessness, and we believe that people of faith are called to make it happen. While direct service is an important component of supporting those who are currently homeless, we believe that we are called not only to serve but to raise our own voices and lift up the voices of our more vulnerable neighbors to urge our leaders to make ending homelessness a priority.

FAITH is part of a larger organization, Dialogue for Justice, which is a program of Catholic Community Services of Western Washington.

The Dialogue for Justice is an exciting and successful Archdiocesan-wide initiative for parishes and organizations to strengthen Catholic advocacy on behalf of people who are poor and vulnerable in our communities.  Since 2011 Catholic Community Services, the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center, the Washington State Catholic Conference, and the Archdiocese of Seattle have worked together to coordinate the Dialogue.  Bringing together parishes and organizations, the Dialogue strengthens Catholic advocacy to reduce poverty.

Political Advocacy

The end of homelessness comes when there is appropriate housing available for everyone. Appropriate housing is safe, decent, and affordable, and when necessary, has supportive services to ensure the successful residency of each person. The resources required to build and manage such housing are beyond the capacity of faith based charity (in 2005 it was estimated that in King County alone it would take an additional 700 million dollars to end homelessness). There is much that faith communities can do to aid homeless people, but if we truly want to end homelessness then we are called to advocate on behalf of those in need or affordable housing. An end to homelessness is possible, but it requires an investment of public funds, so we must urge our elected leaders to provide funding for affordable housing and human services.